Our Mission

Mission Statement and Strategy

The Parochial Church Council (PCC), alongside the Vicar, is responsible for leadership here.  We aim to listen to God and use the gifts he has given us to establish aims and priorities for the work here.  We are prayerfully reviewing our strategy this year, but at present our Mission Statement and Values are set out below.

Our Mission

We at St Peter’s shall proclaim and embody the Gospel of Christ in the community of Ravenshead through worship, fellowship, care and outreach to enable all to grow in faith, hope and love.

Our values

We are:-

1. Focused on God. Therefore we aim to maintain a broad range of existing styles of worship and pioneer new forms of worship in particular to encourage more young people into the church, develop our life of prayer, including through Prayer Ministry in services and Quiet Days.

2. Listening to God and our community, expanding the use of the church by schools and others for worship and learning; selecting, training and commissioning a Visiting Team and taking school assemblies and inviting families to appropriate services and events.

3. Concerned with the kingdom of God, putting God and his will first.  Therefore we continue with community fairs and encourage community use of the lounge and Centre, strengthening our link with St Johns, Pinetown, Natal, and working towards good stewardship of creation.

4. Looking to make disciples. We continue with outreach events, including Alpha Courses; further discipleship through home groups and actively encourage the people to contribute to worship and general management, using their skills and gifts.

5. A community of faith, characterised by welcome, hospitality and an openness to change. Therefore we will continue with hospitality and induction into the church family, make times to meet and eat together and develop friendships and value the link with the Newstead Abbey Chapel.